Review Policy

Thank you for taking the time to read our review policy. Request a Review

I am more than happy to accept books already on the shelves and ARCs from authors, publishers, or publicists. I am open to accepting e-books and PDFs as long as they are usable on the Kindle Fire, iPad or Nook Tablet. I will also participate in hosting contestsand author interviews. I’m always happy to have guest bloggers, or to participate in blog tours. Guest blogs can be between 500-1000 words, and can be on any subject.

Genres That I Will Accept:

Please make sure that your book is a good fit for this blog. I do, however, accept and review some Middle Grade titles with crossover appeal.

  • Young Adult
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Steampunk
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Graphic Novels
  • Horror
  • Romantic Suspense
  • Contemporary & Historical Romance
  • Suspense/Thrillers

Genres That I Don’t Accept:

I will not review self-published, non-fiction, classics, poetry, self-help, memoirs/biographies or children’s.

  • Self Published
  • Non-Fiction
  • Classics
  • Poetry
  • Self-help
  • Memoirs/Biographies
  • Political
  • Business

***Basically, any other sort of non-fiction that’s not listed.***

Books Sent to Me for Review:

It does not guarantee that I will write a review, and I can’t guarantee that the review will be positive. I believe in always offering an unbiased opinion in my reviews. It’s never my intention to be evil, but my reviews will definitely contain my honest impressions. I will always treat each book with respect. I will also post my reviews on Amazon, Shelfari, LibraryThing, and GoodReads.

***If I can’t get into a book after 100 pages, I will post a “Did Not Finish Review” stating the reasons why I didn’t enjoy the novel***

Series Books:

If your book is in a series I will request all previous installments (unless I already own them and/or have read them) in that series, so please be prepared to send them along. I won’t read a series out of order.

Review Timing:

Blog tours and any book that I request specifically will be given top priority. Unless specifically asked or requested, I try to read books offered to me for review within 2-3 weeks of receiving it. I will try to read each book that I receive in a timely manner but I do have time constraints. However, if your book needs the review posted by a certain date, please let me know so that I may accommodate you.

Breakdown of Review Style:

My reviews will include cover art, a synopsis of the novel, link to the author’s website (if there is one), my personal thoughts about the book, and publication details. I never include spoilers. I will focus on the plot, character development, writing style, ending, overall series, and the cover.

Please feel free to contact me if interested with your review requests or any questions that you may have.

Email Address: moc.liamg@selateireafkrad

Rating System:

Depending on how I feel – you might get skulled or crowed. Either way – it’s deadly!

6. BEYOND, just a KILLER novel!

5. OUTSTANDING, absolutely loved it!

4. GREAT, really enjoyed it!

3. GOOD, liked it!

2. OK, just so-so!

1. DNF, couldn’t get into it!